Kayumanis Seaside Sanur


Brunch Menu

Nasi Bubuh

Balinese rice porridge with slice chicken curry, boil egg and green bean

Sea Brezz

Red rice with seared snapper, chick peas, tomato, baby beans, saute mushroom, quail eggs and lemon yoghurt sauce

Mac & Cheese

Maccaroni with bacon in cream cheese sauce and wild rucola

Vegetable Tagine

Moroccan rich flavor vegetable served with couscous, yoghurt and lemon

Mie Goreng Seaside

Indonesian fried egg noodles with chicken served with sate, ribbon egg and crackers

Nasi Goreng Seaside

Fried rice Balinese flavor with chicken served with sate, ribbon egg and crackers

Tacos Tiga Rasa

Bolognaise, chicken lemon grass and pulled pork pesto with mozzarella and tomato salsa

Pita Bread

Pita bread, hunmus and vegetables

Grilled Fish Curry

Grilled snapper fillet with vegetable and home made curry sauce and served with steamed rice

Seafood Platter

Grilled marinated prawn, fish fillet, squid, sweet corn, potato and vegetable with seavoyage sauce and garlic sauce


Tempe Tahu Lapis

Layered of bean cake, tofu and vegetables served with sweet chili dressing

Grilled Vegetables Sandwich

Two laered sandwich fillet with lettuce, tomato, paprika, grill egg plan, zukini, mushroom served with french fries

Rice Noodles Kare

Indonesia rice noodles and vegetable curry with bean curd and tofu

Vegetarian Creamy Pasta

Spaghetti or penne with mushroom and vegetables in white cream sauce


Sop Segara Ening

Balinese seafood soup with cucumbar, tomato and basil

Soto Ayam

Indonesian favorite chicken soup with glass noodles, shredded chicken, tomato, potato, celery, shredded cabbage, boiled egg and crispy shallot

Sop Merah

Hot and sour red soup with meat and vegetables

Mushroom Sop

Creamy mushroom soup with truffle oil and baguette crouton

Kayumanis Seaside Signature

Bebek kriuk-kriuk

Nasi Campur Bali

Sate Campur

Nasi Bubuh

Seaside Omelette

Truffle Eggs

Signature Cocktail